Are We a Good Fit for You? - Janesville Innovation Center

Are We a Good Fit for You?

JIC is focused on assisting future growth, job generation and revitalization of the local and regional economy. With these goals in mind, Janesville Innovation Center uses the following guidelines to review and consider applications to lease space:

New Firms

Firms that have been established within the last 3 years are considered to be new firms with the type of start-up characteristics and needs that can best utilize JIC resources. Firms that have the other characteristics noted below and have been in existence more than 3 years are encouraged to apply as well.

New Product

Firms with proprietary intellectual property that are pursuing the development of that technology are encouraged to apply to JIC. Those firms that are developing, or have developed new products and/or processes, that have not yet been patented are also invited to make application to JIC.


Firms that have current (or prospective) products and/or services in the commercial marketplace and are seeking to scale that commercialization are encouraged to submit an application to JIC.

Employment Growth

Firms with current employees (and contracted providers) that desire to expand employment and contracted services are encouraged to apply to JIC. Those firms that are early in the company’s development and looking to grow in the future are also encouraged to fill out an application form.

High Value Positions

Firms with needs for professional and experienced managers and staff are encouraged to make a submission. Firms that require trained and skilled positions are also encouraged to apply to JIC.

Public/Private Partnerships

Firms with existing or desired relationships with Blackhawk Technical College, UW- Rock County, UW- Whitewater, Beloit College and/or other public or private partnerships (willingness to partner and/or pursue relationships) are encouraged to enter an application form to JIC.

General Industry

Our facilities and amenities are best suited for Manufacturing, Wholesale Distribution, Creative Services, Information Technologies, Professional, Technical and Scientific general industry classifications.

Market Potential

Our services best accommodate companies with national and/or global market potential that are looking to increase market size and expand distribution channels.