Testimonials - Janesville Innovation Center

A Remarkable Difference

``Being at Janesville Innovation Center made a remarkable difference-from the board and business resources to having access to space to grow. I may be passionate about the science, but I needed to learn about other aspects of building a business and reinventing the wheel is costly.``

John Goepfert - Simply Solutions

Being Your Best

“I loved being a part of the Janesville Innovation Center for so many reasons. Getting to know the board and being held accountable to this knowledgeable group of dynamic professionals was a huge advantage. Mike Mathews is just amazing. The location was ideal with access to multiple metropolitan areas and airports. The other tenants were remarkable. The sense of innovation and energy was inspiring. It motivates you to be your best.”
Lori Huntoon - Hydrogeologic

Builds Trust

“I was originally working out of my home. Working from Janesville Innovation Center helped me present a professional persona. Having a beautifully designed office and well-appointed conference room to entertain clients built trust and reflected positively on me. That means more business.”
Robert Novak III - Novak Network

A Real Difference

“We’ve never built a business before. Having access to the resources of Janesville Innovation Center made a real difference.”
Chad Kaderabek - K4 Innovations